Our Services

Here at Relief Ambulance Services, we set the highest standards in patient care and transportation. Our team of professional and licensed medics is here to bring relief and comfort to your loved ones. Be rest assured that whatever was the reason for your transport, Relief ambulance Services is here to do it right, on time and up to the best patient care standards!

Relief Ambulance Services provides a variety of services in Houston and the surrounding areas:

  • 24/7 Emergency and Non-Emergency Ambulance transportation service:

    Whether it's an emergency transport to the hospital emergency room, or just a stretcher transport to a doctor's office, we do it all!

    We serve a variety of facilities in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our network of service include hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, clinics, emergency centers, treatment and diagnostics facilities, senior living centers, and patient homes

  • Stand-by ambulances and medics for special events: Over the years we served many events that required the presence of a stand-by ambulance, and for that our units are equipped to provide the best stand-by ambulance service for any event. That includes sporting events, school events, TV productions, concerts, charity and fund raising events. 

  • Wheelchair van transportation: 
    Our fleet of wheelchair vans are available to serve facilities as well as patients at their homes. Our vans are equipped with multiple safety features to insure safe loading and unloading of our patients, and to provide a safe and comfortable ride on the road.

    Reliable fleet:

    Our vehicles are subject to scheduled maintenance plans, during which the vehicles pass a complete visual and mechanical inspections, and undergo the complete service needed to keep them at peek performance

    That provides us the ability and confidence to provide the best and most reliable service expected from an ambulance service. Rest assured that our ambulances and wheelchair vans are 100% ready to take any trip, any time, anywhere, and without delay!

    We are a proud Crystal sponsor of the 2013 National Kidney Foundation Walk!